snowboarder. PRODUCERACTIVIST. adventurer. yogi. SPOKESWOMEN. wanderer.

Photo: @victorofvalenica

Photo: @victorofvalenica

XGames medalist Chanelle Sladics can look back at a successful career of competing at the highest level of snowboarding. Originating from Newport Beach, she defied the odd’s of becoming one of the best slopestyle riders in the world, leading the progression of the sport for many years with her solid tricks, laid-back style and playful competitiveness.

Chanelle is a woman who always have had her hands in multiple buckets, making her transition from being a professional athlete, to hosting and commentating for TV, web and live events nearly seamless. Her valuable insight and personal background from the playing field catapulted her into big gigs like sideline reporting  and commentating at prestigious events like XGames, Winter Dew Tour, US Open and The World Championships. She has truly made her mark with her comradely and "down to earth” approach, bringing out the most honest stories and bridging the gap between spectators and athletes. 

Chanelle inhibits the rare skill of being able to visualize her ideas so clearly that they can manifest into reality. In 2014 she conceptualized, created, produced and hosted the first ever zero waste snowboard event on the planet. Her vision was to showcase the very best of female snowboarding, on a stage designed to push progression and style.  

In 2012 she showed why she is a leader in her community and how she always two steps ahead by creating and producing the 22 min adventure documentary “Explore Iceland with One Life” on Outside TV. The film showcased environmental initiatives, split boarding, traveling and community. Her passion to support her snowboard industry extends to  her role on the advisory board for the World Snowboard Tour, Womens Sports Foundation and helped initiate the Global Snowboarders Alliance

Her passion to create and ability to execute, star, lead and produce projects, is truly a unique combination; that’s maybe why many call her a multitasking genius. 

With a strong love for the mountains and oceans and a genuine drive to provide solutions, Chanelle started a reusable glass drinking straw company in 2010 with her family, called Simply Straws. By using her platform as a professional athlete to help educate and shine light on the environmental issues that plastic is causing, Chanelle can confidently say that she is a part of the solution. 

Chanelle is also a certified yoga teacher and has been coaching at The Oakley Progression Sessions for over 5 years.  Her passion to teach and her quirky gypsy yoga vibes creates a safe space to get weird, try new things, and expedite the learning process. In an effort to expand her knowledge base and safety, she recently completed her Wilderness First Response certification. She doesn't stop there- with a growing love for food and living a healthy vibrant lifestyle, Chanelle has immersed herself into the world of agriculture, specifically permaculture.  In 2013 she graduated her certificate course in permaculture design, a sustainable approach to both farming and architecture.

There is no telling what Chanelle will do next, but you can always count on her passion, creativity, attention to detail, yearn for sustainable solutions and love for health.


Snowboard Highlights



201110th on TTR World Tour

2011  4th US Open Rail Jam

2011WON Stand Out Team (3 riders) at Roxy Chicken Jam


2010 3rd Us Open Rail Jam

2010 3rd Us Open Rail Jam

2010 8th Dew Tour Overall

2010 13th TTR World Tour

2010 8th Dew Tour Overall

2010 13th TTR World Tour

2010 Hosted for Fuel TV and TTR

2010 FACE of KICKER Audio Earbuds sold at Best Buy, Target, and Walmart

2010 Women’s Sports Foundation Athlete Advisory Panel

2010 Oakley Progression Session Coach/Yoga Instructor


2009 Co-Produced “Surf into Yoga”

2009 Hosted MTV2’s: Skills and Thrills: Alli’s All-Star Moments

2009 Hosted MTV2’s: True Players: Alli Athletes To Watch

2009 Top 10 TTR World Tour

2009 Best Trick Women’s Slopestyle

2009 3rd Place US Open Slopestyle Stratton, VT

2009 1st Place Kristi Leskinen Invitional Slopestlye 7 Springs, PA

2009 1st Place Asian Open Alts Bandai, Japan

2009 4th PLace Dew Tour Overall Women’s Slopestyle

2009 4th PLace Dew Tour Northstar Slopestyle

2009 3rd Place Dew Tour Mount Snow, VT Slopestyle

2009 2nd Place Dew Tour Breckenridge,Co Rail Jam

2009 Jones Soda Flavor Cover (200,000 cases nationwide)

2009 Co-hosting Oakley Rep Tour for Fuel Tv

2009 KICKER Audio Hot Pink Signature Earbuds (launched with Best Buy, Target, and Walmart)

2009 Michelob Ultra Advertial in Women’s Health Magazine

2008 :

2008 Daily Habit for Fuel TV

2008 3rd Place Supergirl Railjam

2008 2nd Place Roxy Chicken Jam Slopestyle

2008 3rd Place Vans Tahoe Cup Slopestyle

2008 First Cover Shot with Best Mag

2008 Video Part with Oakley Uniquely Video (Distribution over 1,000,000 copies)

2008 Video Part with Runway Films (all women’s film)

2008 3rd Place Supergirl Railjam

2008 2nd Place Roxy Chicken Jam Slopestyle

2008 3rd Place Vans Tahoe Cup Slopestyle

2007 Bronze Medal X-Games Women’s Slopestyle

2007 1st Boardfest Place Triple Threat Event (1st Snow, 1st Skate, 4th Surf)

2007 1st Boardfest Place Rail Jam

2006 2nd Place Abominable Snowjam Slopestyle

2006 1st Boardfest Rail Jam

2005 3rd Place Abominable Snowjam Slopestyle

2005 3rd Nikita Chikita Showdown Slopestyle

2005 2nd Grand Prix Mt. Bachelor Slopestyle

2004 1st Place Queen of the Mountain Rail Jam

2004 2nd Place Queen of the Mountain Slopestyle

2004 3rd Place MTV Triple Threat International Competition (Snow, Surf, Skate)


Photo Credit: Monte Isom

Photo Credit: Monte Isom


2014 Community Cup: The Documentary

2012 Featured in Outside TV 22min expedition in Iceland

2008 Daily Habit for Fuel TV

2008 Video Part with Oakley Uniquely Video (Distribution over 1,000,000 copies)

2008 Friends Section Runway Films (all women’s film)

2007 Video Part in Float Films

2007 Daily Habit on Fuel TV